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Does Tiko charge commissions?


Does Tiko charge commissions?

Does Tiko charge commissions?

No. Tiko is the direct buyer of the homes, so there are no intermediaries and, therefore, no commissions at any point in the process.

Our model is based on assuming the risk of directly buying the homes that the owners want to sell. That is, there are no intermediaries in the process . Tiko directly acquires a property for sale, which allows it not to have to charge commissions to the owner of the house.

Likewise, thanks to this system, you can guarantee that the sale is made in a matter of days and the payment is made on the same day as the signature before a notary public.

Why doesn't Tiko charge commissions to sell a house?

This model is revolutionizing the market, given its efficiency and simplicity. Tiko does not profit from commissions or from wide price margins, but from its large volume of transactions; more and more people want to sell their house quickly and easily and more and more clients come to Tiko.

Tiko acquires a property, makes the necessary improvements and later sells it within a maximum period of three months . Being a direct buyer and seller of the homes, Tiko does not need to charge commissions to any of the parties in the entire transaction process.

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