About us?

Tiko is a European proptech whose mission is to make the process of selling a home comfortably and quickly thanks to technology. Our team is our best tool to make it possible. We are very proud of our culture, which values ​​equality, trust, fellowship, excellence, responsibility and freedom. And the talent that joins Tiko is the one that is most identified with them.

We are Tikonians, a combination of software developers , Data Scientists, Entrepreneurs, business people, architects, marketing specialists and communication, financial experts and much more. The best talent working together to create something exceptional: convert the real estate market into a highly technological sector. Do you want to know each other better?

We are an excellent place in which to work!

Tiko has achieved the certificate that issues the Great Place to Work organization and recognizes those companies that have the best work cultures. Among other features, companies that are a great place in which to work is recognized by the trust and pride of our team.

Tiko is committed to sustainability and acts in different ways, including being part of the Leaders for Climate Action organization where European entrepreneurs and startups act together to reduce the impact of our environmental footprint.

Our history


If there is a celebration that stands out above others, those are the tikocumbres. They are the most important because, for a few days, the complete team meets in the same city. It is time to practice English, update the photo album and, of course, to hit the party together. They are different days when in the office there is not a pin, they are heard at least three different languages ​​and sleeps little, but it is very enjoyed.


In a startup, each person counts and a lot. We know how to appreciate what everyone can contribute and we have great eagerness to learn, so we decided to create tikodemia, our internal learning program. For a few weeks a year, each of us can teach us something to others. In those classes we have learned from Excel to origami.


We can not help it: Working elbow with elbow We know when it is our colleagues' day and of course, we take advantage of the excuse to celebrate it together! Either with a chosen gift with love for that person or with a personalized dedication, nor the most shameful escape from blowing the candles.


We are not going to reveal you how, but one day you will arrive at the office and it will be Christmas! And as it is tradition, we usually make us gifts between all, for example, playing the invisible friend. Each time it becomes more complicated, but until now we have been able to reveal who was behind each present. Those days we also take advantage of bringing the comrades from other cities to the capital to dinner before going on vacation.


Laughing a laugh outside the office always wants, either in a wine tasting, watching a series, learning to cook with thermomix or simply with some reeds. From time to time, we organize ourselves to share time and meet us beyond what breaks between task and task allow us.

All Hands Meetings

We are an international team located in several cities, but this does not make us “disconnected”. We always have our meetings on Wednesdays by video call, as well as the monthly Newsletter or Slack channels. We have also created thematic competitions or aperitikos (to chat about everything less work), and we have enjoyed some night of Peli and popcorn.


Any excuse is good to put to work Team's creativity in a contest. Here you can show your culinary skills, share your hobbies, introduce your pets...The only thing that doesn't fit is the embarrassment.

Other information about the team


Among all, we have 5 different mother languages and we talked up to 11 languages. And we do not get tired of increasing that number!


We have a good balance between gender in the staff: we are 58% men and 42% women.


When we sat at the table, the kitchen that best we know how to appreciate is the Mediterranean. We also fascinate the Asian and, of course, a little bit of spicy.


The vast majority practiced sports 2 or more times a week.


At lunchtime, we are very varied. Most eat everything, but there is also real fooders, veggies and even carnivores.


We also love animals! Two thirds of the staff have adopted one.

The favorites of the #Tikoteam

Do you want to join Tiko's team?

Do you like our team culture and want to become a Tikonian? Would you like to join us to digitize the real estate sector in Europe?
If you think you fit with our values ​​and our way of working, and you want to be part of our team, send us your cv to [email protected] and tell us why you would like to join Tiko.
We also recommend that you follow our LinkedIn page, in it we publish the vacant positions that arise.