You share them basic information about your house

We will make you a proposal after visiting your home

We buy your house in 7 days or help you sell it

1- Basic form

Share with us the address of your house and your personal information. It only takes a minute! Make sure you enter your information correctly, so the process is as fast as possible.


2- Schedule a visit

Schedule the day and time that best suits you for us to visit your home.


3- Inspection

We will carry out a technical and legal inspection to verify that everything is correct.


4- We will carry out a technical and legal inspection to verify that everything is correct.

If the result is favourable, we will make you an offer to buy your home directly. Or, if you prefer, we can help you find the perfect buyer.


5- Immediate payment

Once the apartment is empty, we sign the sale at a notary's office, and you receive the entire agreed amount. That easy!



You have sold your house.

Reviews from our customers

9 out of 10 customers recommend us

  Excellent   4.5 out of 5

Iván with whom we dealt from minute 0 has been willing to help us in everything. He has always been friendly, helpful and has always been available for all our questions, which have not been few! We are very happy to have found them and to have acquired our home with them!

Sonia Q. - Málaga

Fantastic experience . Professionalism and kindness. My pleasure.

Hugo G. - Barcelona

From the beginning they have helped us a lot. From the first visit to the day of signing. Even with the reforms we have been advised! We are very happy with how the process with Tiko has been .

Dunia - Madrid

The sale has been quick and easy. Thank you very much to the entire team for your professionalism, especially Juan for his availability and Rosa Valero for her efficiency and good work. Highly recommended.

Beatriz S. - Madrid

It has been an agile, professional, and friendly team from the first moment we contacted the commercial Ms. Marina. Everything has been facilitated and speed in the efforts . My pleasure.

Susana R. - Barcelona

Everything perfect . Thank you very much.

Pedro - Sevilla

Management and collaboration was very good. All very well .

Alberto A. - Sevilla

Easy and transparent management . It has been very easy to sell the flat.

Juan C. - Barcelona