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At Tiko, we collaborate with different companies in the sector so that depending on your particular case, we help you find the best possible conditions. At Tiko, we help you with all the steps of the purchase process

To establish how you are going to repay a mortgage loan , banks take several criteria into account: what job you have, what your contract is, if you have a certain seniority, what your salary is, if you already had other debts, how old you are, what It's your savings...

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When a mortgage is granted, you are committing to repay in several years the money that the bank has lent you to buy your house along with interest . These interests that you are going to pay within the monthly installment can be fixed, that is, you will always pay the same percentage of the purchase price of the home, or variable and that change from time to time depending on the Euribor normally. Depending on your circumstances and the risk you want to assume , you should choose one type of mortgage or another.

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The best mortgage is one in which the bank can finance the maximum possible price of the home to be repaid in the longest possible time frame and with the minimum interest , whether it is a fixed rate or a variable rate.

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