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“It has duplicated its business volume.”
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“Tiko crosses borders”
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“Using technology to streamline the process of buying and selling a house”
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“Tiko continues to revolutionise the real estate sector”
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Capital, Intereconomía - September 2020
The Compass, Onda Zero - January 2018

About Tiko

About Tiko

At Tiko we were born to make the sale of your apartment easier and faster. We are an iBuyer, an online home buyer, able to instantly calculate the market value of your home thanks to our technology. We only need basic information about your apartment, and after making a single visit we will send you a free and non-binding offer.

As our business model is based on generating a large volume of sales in a short time, we can guarantee that our offers are always adjusted to the market.In addition, our real estate experts take care of all the paperwork so that you don't have to worry about anything and, in just one week, we can buy your house. And, if you are not in a hurry to sell your house, we will help you find the best buyer. With Tiko, selling your house fast is as easy as that.

Foundation year: 2017
Sector: Proptech
Provinces in which it operates: Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, Valencia, Biscay, Saragossa, Lisbon, Setubal and Porto.

Certificates like Great Place to Work

Tiko has achieved a certificate issued by the Great Place to Work organization and recognizes those companies that have the best work cultures. Among other features, companies that are a great place in which to work is recognized by the trust and pride of our team.

Recognized as an innovative company

Tiko has been selected as one of the 50 most innovative companies in 2020 by Fast Company, one of the most relevant business and technological innovation media in the world

We act for climate

We are concerned about the environment and we take action as a company to reduce and compensate our CO2 emissions. These commitments certify us as a company that acts against climate change according to Leaders For Climate Action, the Community of Entrepreneurs and Startups that fights against the climate crisis.

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