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“They have doubled their business volume in 2020”
“Using technology to streamline the process of buying and selling a house”
“Tiko crosses borders”
“They have doubled their business volume in 2020”
“Using technology to streamline the process of buying and selling a house”
“Tiko crosses borders”

You share them basic information about your house

We make you a free purchase offer within 24 hours

If you accept it, we can buy your house in 7 days!

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You receive a competitive offer in just 24 hours
No ads or visits to your house
We will provide you guidance and counselling all along the way
You choose the purchase date: between 7 and 60 days

Sell the traditional way

Facing endlessly negotiations to close a final price
You recieve countless visits from strangers
You manage paperwork until signing day in the notary
It takes you on average 8 months to sell


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Frequent questions

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Yes, at Tiko we want selling a flat to stop being something stressful and time-consuming. For this reason, we are not only quick when it comes to making you an offer and buying the home, we also make the process very simple for you.

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No, with Tiko you will not have to pay anything to receive a competitive offer for your house. You only have to complete our form to sell a house with the information of your flat and in one working day we will calculate your offer and you will receive it in your email. As simple as that.

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Yes. You can sell your apartment with Tiko whether you currently have a mortgage or if it is an inheritance. If you have a mortgage, we will advise you on how you can cancel it and correct the debt you have left to pay with the sale of the home. It will be necessary to request a zero debt certificate from the bank in order to sell the house and present it along with other documentation at the Land Registry to formalize the cancellation. Our legal department will guide you through all the steps and help you with all the paperwork.

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Reviews from our clients

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Very satisfied with Tiko , they have fulfilled in an excellent way, solving all my doubts, helping me with the process and facilitating the operation at all times. Excellent professionals and special mention for the dedication and outstanding service provided by the agent who handled my operation, Ignacio Fornies. I will not hesitate to have them again for the next operation!

David C - Barcelona

From the first moment the Treatment has been very friendly and professional. They made me a good offer before seeing the flat, it was revised reasonably after the visit and that price and term have been scrupulously maintained. The steps to follow are very clear from the beginning and very professional until the end.

Juan F. - Madrid

Close treatment, great availability and resolute professionals.

José Manuel P. - Sevilla

Excellent professional team. Simple and transparent way of working. The entire process was carried out with confidence and without complications on their part. 100% recommended.

Héctor G. - Madrid

I have felt treated spectacularly well, the people at Tiko with whom I have dealt are professionals impossible to improve . From here I want to express my gratitude for the professionalism with which we have just carried out this sale. Thank you very much.

Luis M. - Madrid

The offer was quite fair and everything was on time as indicated at the beginning. Fully recommended for its seriousness, transparency and speed.

Lorenza H. - Madrid

For us it has been a discovery and very pleasant as well. The treatment has been excellent, the assessment very correct, all the staff with whom I have dealt, exceptional, patient and very decisive, especially Vicente who is a wonderful person, close, clear... with people like that it is a pleasure to sell your home, you forget everything, they take care of it and not fast, the next thing!!. ENCHANTED WITH TIKO, SUPER RECOMMENDED.

Rocío M. - Sevilla

Great, everything went very well . A very good treatment by the commercial that Nacho attended me, and by the rest of the Tiko team at all times, and solving any questions that might arise. I encourage everyone who is thinking about it to sell their property with Tiko.

Albert T. - Barcelona