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PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES / I am a real estate agent

Why collaborate with Tiko ?

PERGUNTAS FREQUENTES / I am a real estate agent

Why collaborate with Tiko ?

Why collaborate with Tiko ?

We offer agents different reasons why they should collaborate with Tiko. The first of them is that we offer them a wide portfolio of clients , since thanks to our technology, we are able to attract up to 30% more sellers and buyers.


In addition to the fact that only with intermediation will they be able to have more business than in other real estate agencies due to our extensive portfolio, advisors will be able to offer their clients other services, such as access to investors and guaranteed sales.


At the same time, there are other benefits such as competitive commissions or having the most cutting-edge technology in the sector in your daily life. In this sense, agents will have at their disposal Impulsa , the comprehensive platform that we make available to advisors with, among other things, the best digital marketing and the best tools in the sector.


In it, agents will find our support tools for the entire process, in which the legal, financial, marketing, customer service, commercial and technology teams collaborate, to support them at all times.


Finally, through Impulsa, agents have direct contact with a Tiko reference person for advisors, what we call Brokerage Support . This person serves as day-to-day support and will answer all the agents' questions.

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