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PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES / Buy a flat from Tiko

How can I reserve the apartment if I am interested?

PERGUNTAS FREQUENTES / Buy a flat from Tiko

How can I reserve the apartment if I am interested?

How can I reserve the apartment if I am interested?

If after contacting our team and making a visit, a client is interested in one of our available flats, they have two options. First of all, you can make an offer through our website. To do this you must make a deposit payment of €1,000. We will evaluate the offer and our team will contact him to explain the next steps. If the offer is rejected, we will return the €1,000.

The other option is to let the Transaction Manager or person in charge of the apartment know and pay a small amount for the reservation.

If it is not possible to proceed with the purchase in a short time, one of the options is to establish a deposit contract . With a deposit contract, the owner and the buyer agree to reserve a home through the delivery of a percentage of the economic value of the house .

This contract is normally signed in sales between individuals. By signing the deposit, the buyer can have a few weeks or months to get the financing , and the seller to move before selling the apartment. In the case of Tiko , all the properties are uninhabited and ready to formalize the operation.

How are the reservations or deposit contracts with Tiko ?

The final price of the sale and the amount given by the buyer as a reserve, which is deducted from the total price of the property, are set in the down payment. It also establishes what the penalty will be if, in the end, one of the two parties withdraws from the contract or fails to comply with it.

In the deposit contracts that are agreed with Tiko , the client delivers a percentage of the agreed price for the apartment and the date on which the rest of the amount will be delivered before a notary is specified . That day the public deed will also be signed.

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