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PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES / What happens after the offer

What happens when I accept the offer?

PERGUNTAS FREQUENTES / What happens after the offer

What happens when I accept the offer?

What happens when I accept the offer?

Selling your apartment with Tiko is very comfortable and fast. Our process is based on three simple steps: offer, inspection and purchase.

  1. Offer: You receive your offer for your home for free and instantly.
  2. Inspection: If you are interested and you accept it, we will contact you to schedule a technical and legal inspection of the house in the next few days.
  3. Purchase: If everything is correct, we will send you your final offer and in a few days we can agree on a purchase date.

Once you have accepted the offer, our team will contact you to carry out an in-person inspection of the home as soon as possible. It is the only face-to-face visit we need to make.

During this technical check of the house, the state of the building will be verified on site . In addition, our team will also carry out a legal inspection of the property , as well as a report on the area in which it is located. These checks will tell us if the information we have corresponds to reality. They are very simple and take just half an hour to visit.

If the results of these inspections are favorable, we will continue with the process and proceed to set a date for the purchase . You'll be done with the stress of selling a house in just one week.

On some occasions it may be the case that in the studies we saw something that had not been contemplated or that is unfavorable. For example, the actual square meters of the house may differ greatly from those registered in the Cadastre. In that case, the final offer would be readjusted and you would have 7 days to evaluate it without commitment . If you finally accept it, we would go on to buy the house.

Our offers and our facilities have convinced many customers

Remember that, once the final offer is accepted, we will take care of all the paperwork and administrative procedures so that you do not have to worry about anything and in just a few days you will have sold your house for a competitive price and without headaches.

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