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PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES / What happens after the offer

I have received a negative response, why?

PERGUNTAS FREQUENTES / What happens after the offer

I have received a negative response, why?

I have received a negative response, why?

In the event that you have received a negative response, this means that unfortunately your property does not fall within the types of flats that you can sell to Tiko and we will not be able to make you an offer.

Mainly, these requirements are that the apartment is located in one of the areas of Spain or Portugal where we operate; be a home free of residential use; not be basements or semi-basements; have an elevator if its height is greater than a fourth floor; have at least 40 m² of surface; and a maximum price of €400,000.

What are these criteria?

These Tiko purchase criteria are due to the fact that our business model is based on buying a property, improving it if necessary and then selling it. It is a process that is carried out in a maximum of three months to guarantee its profitability and reinvest the amount in the purchase of a different home. Therefore, certain characteristics are required for the home to be easy to sell.

However, Tiko 's ultimate goal is always to help you sell your property. If your home does not meet any of these requirements, we would still like to help you . We have trusted collaborators to advise you in the process.

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