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What is Tiko and how was it born?


What is Tiko and how was it born?

What is Tiko and how was it born?

Tiko is a Spanish company in the Proptech sector founded in mid-2017 in Madrid. Its business model, which has already been successfully tested in other European cities, is based on applying technology to the real estate sector.

Tiko is capable of selling a property in record time , eliminating uncertainty in the sales process. We help you find the best buyer.

Every year, half a million people in Spain face a stressful process trying to sell a house. On average, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics, it takes the owner around 8 months to find a buyer, with endless visits and administrative procedures.

In this context, Tiko was born, to provide the fastest, most comfortable and easiest way to sell a home, taking care of all the procedures to eliminate the stress of the buying and selling process.

With Tiko it is possible to sell well as well as quickly

Tiko began operating in 2017. However, the first 6 months were dedicated to debugging the process so that it was ideal for the client .

In these years, Tiko has grown exponentially and has achieved great milestones, such as being chosen one of the 50 most innovative companies of 2020 by Fast Company , the media specialized in business and technology.

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