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Who is behind Tiko?


Who is behind Tiko?

Who is behind Tiko?

Passion has brought us here. We come from different places and we have different experiences and backgrounds. We were lucky to meet each other and start the adventure of our lives: our passion is to change an industry as obsolete and inefficient as the real estate sector.

Sina is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Tiko. He is also an active Business Angel and has invested in over 35 very early stage startups. He has been President of the Entrepreneurship Foundation and a committee member of the Endeavor Turkey Board (2013-2017). He has also been chosen as “Internet Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Business Angel of the Year” in Turkey. In 2016 he was selected as one of “The 100 Most Influential People in Technology in the World” (Wired Magazine). Likewise, in 2019 he was chosen as one of the "Brightest Living Minds" by Forbes magazine in Turkey.

He loves good ice cream, his family and Fenerbahçe.

Ana is a co-founder and passionate about using technology to solve big, tangible problems. She enjoys the design thinking of projects, but above all, rolling up her sleeves and implementing the solutions herself. That's why he traded a great (but not so exciting) career in consulting for a more uncertain (but certainly more motivating) world of startups. At Tiko, Ana likes to participate in all areas, not only in strategy, but also in daily tasks to learn from the team every day. In fact, building and growing a star team is one of the things Ana is most proud of .

He likes good breakfasts, his family and the Thermomix.

Can is also a co-founder and is responsible for Product, Expansion and Machine Learning. His interest in new business models and technology was what led him to enter the world of ecommerce. After more than 10 years of experience managing e-commerce at different levels, both national and international, he founded his first company. He has also participated as an entrepreneur and angel investor in projects related to software, gaming and AI . In addition, he is part of the works council of several gaming and software companies.

He loves good drinks, his family and traveling to different countries.

Paco is a co-founder and loves growing companies; and this is exactly what he does at Tiko, leading operations. Before Tiko, Paco joined the Spanish subsidiary of Admiral Group shortly after its launch. He was Admiral's Swiss army knife, leading very diverse strategic projects: from recording a TV campaign with Pierce Brosnan, to improving the company's profits. Following this, he sought international experience and moved to Singapore. There , for 15 months , he led the operations of a Food & Beverage holding company that opened a store every 15 days in 10 different countries in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC). They grew 100% in that period.

He loves good food, his family, and learning new tricks to improve efficiency.

Sina, Paco, Ana and Can, founder and co-founders of Tiko.

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