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PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES / Request an offer for my flat

How does Tiko calculate the offer price?

PERGUNTAS FREQUENTES / Request an offer for my flat

How does Tiko calculate the offer price?

How does Tiko calculate the offer price?

With the data you provide us about your apartment, we use our own valuation algorithm or Automated Valuation Model (called Tikoanalytics ™). This analyzes the characteristics of your house, and compares it with houses similar to yours that are currently for sale or have recently been sold. Every day millions of data are analyzed so that the information is fully up-to-date.

Among other things, Tikoanalytics ™ compares your home with others that have the same location, surface area, floor plan, etc. Once the information has been compared, said algorithm calculates a competitive purchase price based on the particular characteristics of your flat and market prices.

The final sale price is the real value in the market

It is important that you bear in mind that the price at which the homes are advertised is not the same as the final amount at which they are actually sold. When we talk about market price we refer to the final sale price , which varies significantly from the price announced at the beginning.

For example, in cities like Madrid, the starting price of a home is reduced by approximately 20% after the negotiation between buyer and seller, according to data from Idealista and the Colegio Notarial. This not only happens in the capital, but in all cities, and it is possible to verify the difference between the prices at which the houses are advertised and the market price that buyers would really be willing to pay for that house.

In your offer you will be able to see a breakdown of the reasons for the quantity offered , as well as the market price, so that you can decide if you are interested with all the information available.

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