Houses for sale in Barcelona

In the province of Barcelona, which is located in the northwest of Spain, in Catalonia, more than five and a half million people live. It is the second most populous province in the country, with 1,700,000 inhabitants, only behind Madrid.

Barcelona has 311 municipalities in which, as in the rest of the region, Spanish and Catalan are spoken as official languages. Among them, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Tarrasa, Badalona, and Sabadell stand out, all of which have more than 200,000 inhabitants , in addition, of course, to the capital of the same name, the main urban center in the area.

This region is characterized above all by its multiculturalism. Being a crossing point between France, the Mediterranean and the rest of Spain, it has always received influence from other places.

Houses for sale in Barcelona
Subway line nearby

These are the Rodalíes lines that connect the different municipalities of the province.

Bus lines
E4 211 E3 451 062 L275 L0313 L0314

These are some of the lines that connect the municipalities of Barcelona.

Houses for sale in Barcelona

Houses for sale in Barcelona
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Houses for sale in Barcelona
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Houses for sale in Barcelona
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Houses for sale in Barcelona
La cuna de Gaudí

Who undoubtedly has his figure forever linked to this city is Antoni Gaudí. This world famous architect revolutionized modernism with his innovative ideas. The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and Park Güell are his best-known masterpieces worldwide and also a mandatory stop for anyone who visits the city for at least a few hours. But limiting the impact of the creator in Barcelona to these two creations would be unfair: Casa Batlló, Casa Calvet, Casa Vicens, the lampposts of the Plaza Real or the unmistakable Pedrera also bear his personal stamp.

Houses for sale in Barcelona
Espacios naturales

But not everything in Barcelona is multiculturalism and architecture. The province where Joan Manuel Serrat was born also has an attractive range of natural spaces. One of the most outstanding is Montseny: the oldest natural park in Catalonia. There you can see, for example, the Castaño de Can Cuch, a monumental tree with a perimeter of almost 12 meters whose interior was once inhabited by a charcoal burner. The other side of the coin is represented by the Vallforners Reservoir, a beautiful aquatic escape point in the middle of the mountains.


Living in Barcelona is a luxury, it has many advantages such as the wide range of shops of all kinds, restaurants, leisure, etc. However, more and more people are opting for tranquility, having the closest nature and having a cheaper standard of living than in the capital. For these people, there is a wide range of towns to live in, close to the city and that cover all their day-to-day needs: El Masnou, Castelldefels, Sitges, La Garriga or Sant Cugat del Vallés, among others.

Houses for sale in Barcelona

If you want to live in this attractive province full of history, culture and nature, take a look at the homes we have available in the different cities:

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