Houses for sale in Badalona, Barcelona

Located 10 kilometers from Barcelona is Badalona, a residential municipality full of contrasts. It is the third largest city in Catalonia in terms of number of inhabitants (223,000) and one of the oldest in the Catalan community. In addition, Badalona was a leader in industrialization.

It is a city both by the sea and by the mountains and has a great cultural and tourist attraction due to its architectural jewels derived from Roman times, most of which are located in the historic Dalt de la Vila neighborhood.

Houses for sale in Badalona
Subway line nearby

In addition, this municipality has many connection possibilities. These are some lines with routes that pass through this municipality.

Bus lines
B24 B25 B5 M19 M26 M28

These are some bus lines that connect Badalona with the rest of the city.

Houses for sale in Badalona, Barcelona

Houses for sale in Badalona
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Houses for sale in Badalona
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Houses for sale in Badalona
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Houses for sale in Badalona
Pont del Petroli

Pont del Petroli or Petroleum Bridge is a 250-meter-long walkway created in 1879 that juts out into the sea. It is one of the most iconic places for locals, who enjoy long walks and the famous Anís del Mono sculpture, whose factory is just a few steps away.

Houses for sale in Badalona
Rambla de Badalona

In this municipality, the promenade known as the Rambla de Badalona stands out; It runs parallel to the beach and is separated from it by the railway. In addition, along this pedestrian street we find various restaurants and bars full of life where locals and tourists stop to rest.


Badalona is a place full of life decorated by various architectural works such as the Casa Enric Pavillard, the fortified farmhouse of Can Canyadó or the Monastery of San Jerónimo de la Murtra, which we can enjoy. In addition, the city promotes cultural activity in all areas.

It has shops of all kinds to cover the needs of day to day. Additionally, it has a variety of educational centers, hospitals, health centers, gastronomic variety, etc.

Houses for sale in Barcelona, Badalona

Why live in Badalona? If you want to enjoy the quiet residential areas or the leisure and life that this city offers, here you can see the homes that we have available in Badalona.

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