Houses for sale in Mataró, Barcelona

The municipality of Mataró is located on the Mediterranean coast about 30 km northeast of Barcelona. With a population of 129,120 inhabitants, Mataró retains the essence of a town even with its character as a Mediterranean city.

In the center of the city is where more archaeological remains of what was the Roman villa can be found and, currently, you can see remains of what was the Wall of Mataró (built between the 15th - 16th century).

Houses for sale in Mataró
Subway line nearby

This line has routes that pass through this municipality.

Bus lines
603 C-10 E13 E11.1 C-30

These are some bus lines that connect Mataró with the rest of the city.

Houses for sale in Mataró, Barcelona

Houses for sale in Mataró
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Houses for sale in Mataró
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Houses for sale in Mataró
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Houses for sale in Mataró
Basílica de Santa María

The Basilica of Santa María dates back to the year 1675 and is located in what was the center of the old town, in the Plaza de Santa María. Its style is baroque and neoclassical and it is the oldest basilica in the municipality.

Houses for sale in Mataró
Paseo marítimo

For 2.2 kilometers you can walk and enjoy the water and sand of the Mataró promenade. Along the coast you can find numerous leisure establishments that are combined with those of the Port of Mataró, which has a sports center with a wide variety of water activities.

The beaches of Mataró are ideal for spending the day, both for its inhabitants and for those who visit it.


Mataró is the place you are looking for if you want to enjoy green areas, such as the Central Park, wide, high-quality beaches, such as Varador, and have all the advantages of a city.

In addition, the municipality has a great educational offer for all ages, numerous local shops, a complete offer of services and cultural events, such as the Sant Ponç and La Rajola Fairs... In other words, Mataró is the ideal place to reside .

Houses for sale in Barcelona, Mataró

Take advantage of the opportunity to invest or live in a residential neighborhood in the Mataró municipality. Take a look at the proposals that we offer you in one of the most demanded areas of Barcelona.

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