Houses for sale in Valencia

Living in the province of Valencia is possibly the dream of many. Located to the east of the Peninsula, it is the perfect place for lovers of the beach, nature, good weather and gastronomy.

Valencia has 266 municipalities that make it the third most populous province in Spain, with more than one and a half million inhabitants. Torrente, Gandía, Játiva or Requena are some of the most important municipalities in this province.

This region is characterized above all by its nature. In addition to adjoining the Mediterranean Sea and offering some of the most beautiful beaches and coves on the Peninsula, this province has a very mountainous interior with deep valleys formed by the main rivers that run through them, the Júcar and the Turia. Some of the most important and favorite mountains for its inhabitants to go hiking and enjoy nature are Cerro Calderón , Sierra del Caroche, Cruz de los Tres Reinos or Sierra Calderona .

In addition, its warm climate practically all year round is one of the attractions why many people decide to move to this region. The average temperature for most of the year is around 17º, and it hardly ever rains!

Houses for sale in Valencia
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Houses for sale in Valencia

Houses for sale in Valencia
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Houses for sale in Valencia
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Houses for sale in Valencia
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Houses for sale in Valencia
Las Fallas

If we think of Valencia, one of the things that first comes to mind is Las Fallas . Every year, in mid-March, the most important festivals of the city of Valencia and other towns in the Valencian Community are celebrated. For a week, the streets of the city are filled with large and small fallas, which are admired by Valencians to later be burned on "Cremà day", the most important day of these festivities, which are accompanied by concerts, festivals and events of all kinds.

Houses for sale in Valencia

Another attraction of this province is its gastronomy. Who does not like a good paella? There is no doubt that this is the most typical and traditional dish of the area, which has spread throughout the country, and even abroad. In addition to paella, there are also very typical dishes such as fideuá, sausages such as longaniza or drinks such as tiger nut milk.


Living in the province of Valencia and surroundings is the dream of many. And it is that its capital and the adjacent towns are the perfect place to live for lovers of sports, the beach, good gastronomy, leisure, culture...

There are countless towns near Valencia that offer the necessary services for day-to-day life and that also allow their inhabitants to enjoy the city and tranquility at the same time. Some of the most popular towns to live in are Torrent, Burjassot, Paterna or Rocafort.

Houses for sale in Valencia

If you want to live in this attractive province full of culture and surrounded by sea and mountains, take a look at the homes we have available in the different cities:

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