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Why am I interested in selling my home with Tiko ?


Why am I interested in selling my home with Tiko ?

Why am I interested in selling my home with Tiko ?

Tiko has been helping homeowners sell their home in record time for more than six years. It's as easy as requesting a purchase proposal through our form and we will find the best buyer in the shortest time . Furthermore, as experts in home buying and selling, we take care of all the procedures and resolve any questions you may have in this very important process.

To maximize the sale price, our clients have the best agents in the area: experienced professionals with contacts who will help them find that buyer who knows how to appreciate the value of something as remarkable as their home.

Although we also continue to offer the possibility of purchasing the home directly through our investor database.

On the other hand, Tiko takes care of all the paperwork in this process, guiding clients if, for example, they have to cancel their mortgage. The goal is to make a traditionally tedious process such as selling a house a simple transaction.

Benefits of selling your apartment with Tiko : speed, comfort and simplicity

Selling a home is one of the most stressful experiences in life, more difficult in some cases than losing your job, getting divorced or having a baby, studies show. The seller suffers great stress for various reasons:

  1. The uncertainty of the deadlines of the process and when it will be formalized.
  2. The risk that the sale fails due to lack of financing .
  3. The multiple bureaucratic procedures that must be faced.

Tiko eliminates all these stressful points from the sales process, making it a very simple transaction . Given the success of Tiko , it has become a reference Proptech in Spain, being the one present in the most provinces of Iberia.

For all these reasons, nine out of ten users are very satisfied with Tiko 's services and recommend them to other clients. The satisfaction of our clients is the best guarantee.

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