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Why am I interested in selling my home with Tiko ?


Why am I interested in selling my home with Tiko ?

Why am I interested in selling my home with Tiko ?

Tiko is a direct home buyer, not a broker. Therefore, you do not have to wait to find a buyer: you already have it! Thanks to the use of its technology, with Tiko the owner receives a free offer for his house instantly. No visit is necessary to make the offer.

As Tiko is the direct buyer of the home , unlike what happens with real estate agencies, no brokerage fees are charged during the process. Thanks to Tiko , in a week the sale of the house can be signed at the notary, at which time the owner will obtain 100% of the offer for his property.

Therefore, the owner also saves the expenses that are sometimes generated during the sale process for the maintenance of the home if said process takes time, such as mortgage payments, supplies or community. In addition, during the entire process, only one visit will be received for the technical inspection before signing at the notary's office .

On the other hand, Tiko takes care of all the paperwork in this process, guiding clients if, for example, they have to pay off their mortgage. The aim is to turn a traditionally tedious process such as selling a house into a simple transaction.

Benefits of selling your apartment with Tiko : speed, comfort and simplicity

Selling a home is one of the most stressful experiences in life, more difficult in some cases than losing your job, getting divorced or having a baby, studies show. The seller suffers great stress for various reasons:

  1. The uncertainty of the process deadlines and when it will be formalized.
  2. The risk that the sale fails due to lack of financing .
  3. Numerous strangers visiting the house , which has to be presentable at all times.
  4. The multiple bureaucratic procedures that must be faced.

Tiko removes all of these stress points from the sales process, making it a seamless transaction . Given the success of Tiko , Proptech has become the reference home buyer in Spain, being the one present in more national provinces.

For all these reasons, nine out of ten users are very satisfied with Tiko 's services and recommend them to other customers. The satisfaction of our customers is the best guarantee.

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